''JULIA'' 2022

Based in Matakana, Aotearoa/NZ, Krystyna began work on her debut exhibition 'Julia' as a meditative project, compelled by a breakthrough year of change, realization and creation. She found peace and harmony in the repetition of dot and fine line work, leading her to be prese​t in the moment as she developed the pieces.

Her intention upon embarking on this project was always to curate an exhibition at the end of the journey, seeking guidance from her partner, sculptor and furniture-maker Dave Guest, to craft the hardwood frames to house her pieces. The process of which allowed her to fulfill a dream of producing the entirety of her showcase from cutting the glass to collecting the leaves, a momentous achievement for any creator. 

'Julia' presents a captivating exploration through Krystyna's creative process and experience over the last year, with a collection of 12 self-portraits incorporating multiple mediums, allowing delicate graphics to integrate with collected naturalistic elements from the local environment.  

The presence of diverse components proves intriguing, alongside reclaimed hardwood frames, handmade entirely by Krystyna, with each piece produced to house specific artworks.